Keep dogs cool with cooling bandanas

How to keep dogs cool in the hot weather

Us Brits like to moan when its too wet and when its too hot, especially us dog pawrents!

Whilst the wet and mud might be an inconvenience for us with our dogs, having to keep them clean, the heat can be a serious issue for dogs, with a risk of heat stroke and damage to their paws from the hot pavements.

We have our cooling bandanas which help to keep dogs cool. They are made from a cooling, breathable fabric, which you can pop in the freezer, or soak in cold water and put straight onto your dog and will helot keep them cool for a while. These are available in small and large to fit all size pooches.

Dogs paws are at risk of blistering when it’s hot. Before walking your dog in the sun, put your hand or your bare foot on the ground. If you can’t hold it there for more than two seconds because of the heat, then it’s too hot for your dog to walk on it! Try early morning or evening walks, or if you have a small dog carry them to shady spots before walking

Keep them hydrated. Always carry water with you and offer to them regularly, if you have a spray bottle, its good to spray water on them, especially for dogs that aren't drinking much, some dogs might try and drink from the spray, or lick the water off their fur. If you have a dog that doesn't drink much water, try a water fountain pet bowl, some pets just prefer flowing water. You can also pop ice cubes in it to keep the water cool.

Giving ice cubes to your dogs is a good water to hydrate them and it can also be a game as they chase it across the floor as it moves as they lick it.

Some dogs just refuse to sit inside when it’s sunny (I know mine do) but paler dogs are at risk of sun burn, and darker dogs retain the heat, so build them a shady den. I’ve got a pop up tent that I always put on my balcony so the girls can sit out and people watch in the shade

Paddling pools are a great option, but there are also fab splash pools that spray water up like a fountain that gathers in the middle of the pool and dogs can run in and out of it. Of course just the hose or a sprinkler system work just as well.

And this goes without saying, but don’t leave your dogs in the car, even with a window open, its one of the most common places where dogs can suffer from heat stroke as a car sat in the sun is always far hotter than you think.

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