About Us

I’m Samantha. I’ve always been a dog person, having had family dogs growing up, and my sister breeding her Alaskan Malamute (and now has a pack of three!). I got my first toy poodle, Darcy, in 2018 when I bought my first flat. Then, when I was in the process of getting Villanelle (my blue toy poodle), during the coronavirus lockdown, I was reminded how hard it was to find collars and harnesses that fit puppies and toy breeds that aren’t just practical, but had bold stylish patterns too. For Darcy, I ended up having something made bespoke, the same as my sister had done for her three malamutes. Asking my sister if that was just for size & practicality or also for style, I realised that there just isn’t enough choice for small and large breed dogs.

Inspired by the extra time on my hands during lockdown, I decided rather than moaning about it, I was going to start my own company offering a stylish collection, created by us, for our dogs and yours.

My mum (who was also looking to get busy herself with a part time job) joined me, along with my sister and her self-taught design skills. A little help from some friends, and Pup Chic was born in two weeks! Now we’ve turned our designs into some lovely collections all available here, so your pooches can look as stylish as ours do.

We always love to hear your feedback, and ideas for what patterns and designs you would love to see, so please drop us an email hello@pupchic.boutique, or head over to our Instagram, Facebook page, or Facebook fan group to chat with other Pup Chic fans.

Happy shopping!