Firework tips for dogs

Firework tips for dogs

Here at Pup Chic, we don't just want to share our fab products with you. We want to share our tips, that we've learnt from trial and error of raising our Alaskan Malamutes and Toy Poodles, as well as our previous family dogs of a Bichon x Shih Tzu cross and a Lhasa Apso. My two poodles have no reaction to fireworks, in fact I can walk them down the street as someone is letting them off down the road and they barely look up from whatever they are sniffing.

As a breed prone to anxiety, I knew I had to prep them for the fireworks, just as much as being separated from me. So I thought I'd share some tips for those that might be worried about their pooches.

Don't make a fuss

Don't make a big deal about fireworks. Our dogs take our cues from us. When you hear fireworks, don't react to them. As much as you want to run and look at them, or cuddle your pup to tell them its ok. Don't! Just act like nothing is happening. Go and open the back door, then walk away. Act like its just another noise you hear everyday, like a car engine starting or a bird chirping.

If they do react

If you notice your pooch does react, give them a treat. Let them associate the noise of fireworks with something positive. Every time you hear a bang, give them a treat, then occasionally switch to just some praise (we're not trying to fatten them up!). They will soon learn that fireworks are nothing to be afraid of or bark at.

Anxiety relief

You can also get them a weighted coat or blanket. And anxiety beds are also great, so they have somewhere they can curl up that will relax them.

There are also great herbal treatments you can give them. Pet Remedy is great, available as a plug in, spray and wipes. Or Herbal Dog Co. has some great tranquil drops.

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