Do dogs need to wear coats

Do dogs need to wear coats?

Dog accessories are not just a necessity they are a fashion statement. Many of us, especially small dog owners love to dress up our dogs in jumpers, fleeces and coats, but do they need to wear them? The short answer is it depends on the breed and the temperature.

Many dogs have enough fur to keep them warm, and most dogs don't need to wear anything indoors as they can easily overheat. But if you have a short haired dog, or a long haired dog that you keep short or have just given it a fresh cut then it could very well need to wear a coat.

If the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, then a dog that feels the cold could suffer on a walk. In the same way you hear people say "try walking outside in a fur coat and no shoes on in this heat and see if you could cope", think about the winter and how many layers you need to put on. Keep an eye on your dog on walks, if you notice them shivering or slowing down, then take them inside and warm them up and consider a coat for next time. If your dog is wearing a coat and you notice it is panting a lot, then you may need to take the jacket off.

Of course, for some dogs, it's a practical thing. If your dog is prone to getting muddy, then giving them a daily bath is not going to do anything good for their skin, so putting them in a waterproof jacket or fleece can help to keep them clean and dry.

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