My first harness - Daydreams and Unicorns puppy harness

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This puppy harness is the reason we started Pup Chic - we just couldn’t find anything this size so by taking the measurements of Villanelle at 11 weeks old, and the measurements of our friend Tika @the_tiny_teacups at 17 weeks, we created something bespoke, that still has our main collection patterns, so puppies can look just as stylish as fully grown pooches.

The harness measures 17cm neck and 33cm chest. The neck is loose fitting, to avoid puppies (who are notorious for pulling until they are trained) from choking. It is a step in harness, making it easier for puppies to feel comfortable with getting used to wearing a harness. Then it simply attaches with velcro on the back as well as a buckle for extra security, which has two D rings to attached your lead to make it as comfortable for your pup. The harness is padded with breathable fabric, and is overall lightweight, making it the perfect first harness for any puppy.